Archbishop Desmond Tutu: “Israel will never get true security and safety through oppressing another people. We condemn the violence of suicide bombers, but we also condemn the violence of military incursions in the occupied lands, and the inhumanity that won’t let ambulances reach the injured.”

Barbara Stocking, Oxfam CEO: “I was in the Gaza Strip a few weeks ago. It is a place of many absurdities. A refugee camp now for three generations, it should feel like a dump for unwanted humanity, but everywhere you go, you are mipressed by the resilience of people, their deep desire to get on and lead better lives.”

William Hague, Foreign Secretary: “I call on the Government of Israel to open the crossings to allow unfettered access for aid to Gaza, and address the serious concerns about the deterioration in the humanitarian and economic situation and about the effect on a generation of young Palestinians‪.”