How you can help

Friendship: Many Palestinians value the friendship and support of people in Britain – it helps them to cope with the isolation of being under a blockade or living as a refugee and shows them that they are not forgotten. And true friendship is an exchange that benefits both parties. Contact us to find out more about twinning, school-links and pen-pals.

Learn more: Don’t take our word as evidence of the atrocities Israel is committing. Do your own research, and find out about the other side of Palestine too – its rich and varied culture and history.

Speak up: Write to or e-mail your MP, MSP and other high profile figures to let them know about your concerns for the welfare of people in Palestine. Ask them to speak about this in parliament.

(Our specific demands at the moment are for an end to the blockade of Gaza and for an international inquiry into the deaths on board the aid flotilla at the end of May 2010.)

You can find contact details for your local politician at:

Join us: We welcome new members. If you prefer not to make a commitment, you can still show your support by signing petitions, joining our boycott of Israeli goods and coming along to our public events.


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