Palestinians face upsurge in Israeli repression – urge your MP to speak up on 1st Dec 2014

As has been reported over the last few weeks, tensions have been incredibly high in Jerusalem.

We here gratefully re-post a message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, especially the call to
urge your MP to speak in the debate about Palestine on Monday 1st December, 2014:
Ask your MP to raise the issues of Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian human rights, and to call for the UK government to
– take action on East Jerusalem
– implement an arms embargo
– implement a block on settlement trade
– do all it can to put an end to the siege on Gaza. 

See here for a link to your MP:


Today’s report by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign continues to state:
In the words of “David Hearst, ‘The red line in this battle is al-Aqsa in particular and Jerusalem in general. There is no question in the minds of the Palestinians of East Jerusalem but that Israel has already crossed this line. Attacking places of worship has alas become commonplace. Since June 2011, 10 mosques in Israel and the West Bank have been set on fire by presumed right-wing Jewish extremists. No charges have been filed. Over 63 mosques were destroyed and 153 partially damaged in Israel’s attack on Gaza.'”

Oban Concern for Palestine stand for a non-violent approach to a resolution of this conflict, a resolution based on Justice for a lasting Peace.  For the sake of its own security and for the sake of its own young generation, the state of Israel needs to both address and redress  in fairness and with the utmost speed the grave wrongs it has been inflicting on the Palestinian population for the past 60+ years.

Why Is Jerusalem Always On Edge?

Today’s report by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign further continues to state that
“Israeli State incitement against Palestinians has included closing and limiting access the Al Aqsa Mosque, and vindictive measures such as spraying skunk water into quiet streets and schools. In the wake of the horrific killings of Israelis and Palestinians over the past few days, it appears the situation is deteriorating quickly. Gun rules for Israelis are to be eased, and the Mayor of Ashkelon has banned Palestinians with Israeli citizenship from working on building works in KindergartensViolence is surging against Palestinians. On Sunday, 32-year-old bus driver Yusuf Hasan al-Ramuni was found hanged inside his bus – Israeli police were quick to dismiss his death as suicide, but a Palestinian doctor, who attended the autopsy, said the father of two was strangled to death. Osama al-Ramuni, the victim’s brother, said Yusuf’s body had bruises on it, suggesting he had been tortured before his death.
“Yet again, Prime Minister Netanayahu has been inciting violence, calling for a ‘heavy hand’ and describing it as a ‘fight for Jerusalem’, announcing plans for aggravated punitive measures against the families and communities of the men responsible for attacks against Israelis.
“At this time of absolute emergency, please call on your MP to speak in the debate about Palestine on Monday 1st December. Ask them to raise the issues of Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian human rights, and to call for the government to take action on East Jerusalem, an arms embargo, a block on settlement trade, and an end to the siege on Gaza.”

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism.


About Oban Concern for Palestine

. . . supporting people in Palestine and Israel who oppose the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Oban Concern for Palestine are a group of Argyll residents who share an interest in Palestine, a friendship with its people and a deep concern for their welfare. And, for the sake of Israel, we want to encourage the government of Israel to comply with international law. Oban Concern for Palestine believe that the oppression of the Palestinian people is a grave wrong, that the government of Israel is in violation of international law, and that we have a duty to speak up and do what we can to bring it to an end. We welcome new members and supporters. For more information, please contact obanconcern4palestine AT gmail DOT com • +44 7747 300 062 • Oban Concern for Palestine, c/o Stronchriach, Rowan Road, Oban, Argyll, PA34 5TY, UK
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