Emergency Appeal for Gaza – MAP – Medical Aid for Palestinians

15 November 2012

Conflict in Gaza and southern Israel

[via ai – amnesty international]

With fragile ceasefires now in place in Gaza and southern Israel, the full extent of the devastation caused in recent weeks is becoming increasingly clear.
Amnesty International researchers visiting Gaza and southern Israel have found evidence of war crimes and other serious violations of international law by all parties to the conflict.

Since June 2007, the entire population of 1.5 million Palestinians has been trapped in Gaza, with dwindling resources and an economy in ruins.

Take action: Join Amnesty International in calling on the United Nations to take immediate steps to hold all sides to the conflict accountable for violations of international law.

Take further action: Respond to the MAP – Medical Aid for Palestinians – Emergency appeal for Gaza

[via MAP]

As the casualties in Gaza continue to rise, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) have been responding immediately to the crisis caused by Israeli air, tank and naval strikes, working with local hospitals, doctors and nurses to ensure that they have the supplies they need to treat the casualties.

In response to urgent calls for additional medical supplies from our team working inside Gaza, MAP have launched an emergency appeal to respond to the crisis. £100,000 are needed immediately to make sure all hospitals have the necessary medicines and medical supplies to treat casualties.

MAP are also preparing Disaster Survival and Hygiene Kits to protect children and those displaced by the bombardment.

MAP are asking the public to help us raise these funds as the urgency of the situation requires immediate action.


MAP‘s logistical response to the military strikes in Gaza

15 November 2012

MAP have been responding promptly to the crisis caused by the Israeli military strikes on Gaza yesterday and today, working with local hospitals, doctors and nurses to ensure that we can help those injured without delay.

Hospitals and medicines

MAP are in constant contact with the main hospitals to ensure they have enough medicines and medical supplies to deal with the casualties. MAP are also tracking the medical supplies at the central medicine store, and replacing those nearing the zero stock level category. The majority of MAP’s prepositioned items are urgently needed by hospitals.

MAP are delivering the gloves, syringes and blood bags that have been requested by the Ministry of Health to Shifa hospital today.

Blood donation supplies

MAP have been preparing for the increased demand for blood supplies since the violence began to escalate over the last few months. They have doubled the blood donation campaigns throughout Gaza and have placed supplies in key sites throughout the area.

In the last 24 hours, MAP have supplied 1,450 blood bags to replenish the stocks of blood at Al Shifa Blood Bank. Al Shifa is soliciting blood donations to prepare for escalating injuries.

Emergency kits

MAP have been building up stocks of supplies throughout Gaza to aid families if there is a major invasion. Mattresses, bedding and emergency hygiene kits are being stored in four warehouses, and MAP will distribute them to assist families in need.

Primary Trauma Care and Burns Treatment

MAP have been training key medical staff over last 18 months with  life-saving skills so that they can respond quickly to stabilise serious injuries and reduce complications, long-term impairment and death, in case of a return to major Israeli attacks, which Palestinians are currently facing. These key medical staff are now in place, ready to respond to the unfolding emergency.

MAP have also upgraded and fully equipped two burns units at Al Shifa and Nasser hospitals to enable them to respond more effectively to burns casualties. MAP-trained medical staff are on hand to respond to casualties and MAP-provided beds are in place in these burns units.

However, MAP cannot continue to provide this support without your help. If you want to support the people of Gaza, please make a donation today:
online or by calling 0044 20 7226 4114
If you have UK mobile, text 70070 with the phrase “Gaza10 £10” –  £10 will be deducted from your next mobile phone bill.

Please donate online now and share this link with friends and family

For any further details, please contact info AT map-uk.org [Please note you need to copy/paste the address by hand, substituting ” AT ” by @ – thank you for helping us spammers at bay.]

Medical Aid for Palestinians work for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.”


About Oban Concern for Palestine

. . . supporting people in Palestine and Israel who oppose the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Oban Concern for Palestine are a group of Argyll residents who share an interest in Palestine, a friendship with its people and a deep concern for their welfare. And, for the sake of Israel, we want to encourage the government of Israel to comply with international law. Oban Concern for Palestine believe that the oppression of the Palestinian people is a grave wrong, that the government of Israel is in violation of international law, and that we have a duty to speak up and do what we can to bring it to an end. We welcome new members and supporters. For more information, please contact obanconcern4palestine AT gmail DOT com • +44 7747 300 062 • Oban Concern for Palestine, c/o Stronchriach, Rowan Road, Oban, Argyll, PA34 5TY, UK
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