From 1 March 2018: interactive video talks with Winners of 2017 Palestine Book Awards

Expand your knowledge on Palestine-Israel issues for effective solidarity with the Palestinian people

Starting on 1/3/2018, then throughout 2018,
every first Thursday of the month, 7pm:

Winners of the 2017 Palestine Book Awards
interactive video link
followed by Q&A

Palestine-Israel, continuing zionist occupation & dispossession, peaceful, non-violent long-term solutions, …

Two requirements:-
– private or public meeting place with good internet access
– commitment to Palestinian Freedom and Human Rights for All

The Programme:

Join NOW!
Send an e-mail to: mick[@]scottishpsc[.]

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Palestinians living in East Jerusalem ‘erased’

Dear All

Thousands of people have been shocked to hear that booking DOT com has bowed to pressure from pro-Israel activists, and now describes individual accommodation in East Jerusalem merely as ‘set in Jerusalem’.*)  This literally erases East Jerusalem, which for too many decades already has been illegally occupied by Israel.

This is why Jewish Voice for Peace have launched a campaign addressed to’s CEO, Gillian Tans:

We of Oban Concern 4 Palestine ask you to please add your name here to the thousands of people around the world who are telling Booking DOT com CEO Gillian Tans to tell the truth about Israel:

According to JVP – Jewish Voice for Peace – Booking DOT com’s CEO Gillian Tans is a proud progressive female leader, and famous for her openness. If we put her personal reputation on the line, we can get Booking DOT com to tell the truth, that East Jerusalem is occupied territory.

Please add your name here:  Booking DOT com: tell the truth

In response to media reports, Booking DOT com downplayed the change, showing they really don’t understand just how painful it is for Palestinian families to watch their history being erased one website at a time.

But this isn’t just about websites. It is about a concerted cultural campaign that starts with pro-Israel, right-wing extremists, and extends to Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. It continues when mainstream companies like Booking DOT com get on board by erasing Palestinians’ connection to their homeland.

We need to make Booking DOT com ‘see the light’.  Their CEO, Gillian Tans, is our best shot to get them to tell the truth about Israeli occupation.

Please add your name and share with everyone you know: Booking DOT com: tell the truth

Also on behalf of JVP – Jewish Voice for Peace, thank you for adding your voice – now.


Granted, if you specifically search the booking DOT com pages for ‘East Jerusalem’, you will find  about 47 ‘hotels’ (as at 14:28 BST today). However, individual descriptions merely state ‘… is set in Jerusalem’ rather than ‘East Jerusalem, Israeli occupied territory’.

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The Galilee Duet in Oban, 26 June 2018 – Photo round up

If you were at the wonderful recital by

The Galilee Duet

Omar and Tibah Sa’ad, in Oban, last Tuesday evening (26 June), you will always remember Tibah’s haunting songs, the beautiful music played by her and her brother, Omar, and their words and smiles.

The two young siblings from the Galilee in Palestine are currently studying music and music performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

Solo and together, they showcased their mastery in pieces by Bach, Beethoven and other western composers. The second part contained beautiful pieces from the musicians’ own part of the world. Omar accompanied his sister Tibah on the Derbekkeh drum, while Tibah played the cello alongside some of her songs.

We were delighted not only to listen to the young musicians, but also to hear about their successful end of term examinations – well done and many congratulations!

In the 70th year of the Naqba, the expulsion of many hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes and from their ancestral lands in 1948, when the state of Israel was created at some desk far from Palestine, it was encouraging and inspiring to hear two young musicians play so skilfully, with feeling and strength, and to hear their stories.

It was wonderful to see Omar’s smile at the end as he told us that he had been playing the first-ever Palestine-made viola – what a remarkable achievement in a land so dreadfully besieged and beset. And what proof of the courage and (enforced) resilienceof all who live in that area.

Thank you, Omar and Tibah, for your performance, for your courage, for your great sense of humour!

Thank you to those of you who gave a helping hand, both in the run-up to the event, and on the day itself, especially to Juliet R of– without whose input and tireless work, this would never have happened!

Thank you to the Rev Dugald Cameron and his helpers for letting us use his church, literally “for a song”.

Thank you to those of you who spread the word and encouraged people to attend.

Thank you to the Rev Dr Nicholas Taylor, who not only chauffeured the musicians all the way from Glasgow and back again the next day, but who also spoke very generously about the relevance ofOban Concern for Palestine for the resistance to Israel’spernicious occupation of Palestinian territories.

The 30 prepared tickets sold out quickly; about fifty people attended in total. What a great showing for a small town like Oban. It was a great pleasure to welcome such a large audience, including a young woman all the way from Australia, on the last evening of her Oban visit…

Because we ran out of other information as well, the Palmusic donation form may not have reached everyone.

So, if you would now like to make a donation, please use the link below.
DO PLEASE mention Omar and Tibah Sa’ad in order for them to receive your support.
Any unnamed donations will help Palmusic help other “young Palestinians to learn music and change their lives! Music can help young Palestinians to nurture their skills and talent and bring positive change to their otherwise stressful lives.” (

Thank you for giving generously:

Thanks to your presence and your generosity, we were able to hand over £285 in cash, which went straight towards helping Omar and Tibah out as they head into their next term at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

Especially on behalf of those who were, sadly, unable to attend due to commitments elsewhere:
We very much hope to welcome these two remarkable young musicians back to Oban in the not-too-distant future, and to welcome their equally gifted brothers, as well – Galilee Quartet, please come and play for us, and share your inspiring stories – soon!

Tibah and Omar, warm thanks for your generous permission to share the photos taken on the evening – apologies for pixellated images. They show you both in performance, and speaking and listening; plus the Oban audience, the Rev Dr Nicholas Taylor from Glasgow, and Juliet R’s stall of hand-made craft objects imported from Palestine by

Onwards and upwards – in the name of Justice and Peace!

Margret, member, Oban Concern for Palestine


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The Galilee Duet in Oban: 26 Jun 2018, 7pm

Dear All

In the 70th year of the 1948 expulsion of Palestinians from their ancestral lands, we of OC4P – Oban Concern for Palestine are very pleased to welcome two gifted young musicians currently studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow:

The Galilee Duet

will play at Oban Parish Church, Glencruitten Road, Oban PA34 4DN
on Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 7 for 7:30pm
Tickets at the door: £7 / Concessions: £5 / Refreshments for a donation.
On the night, Olive Tree Scotland will sell a small range of hand-crafted products from Palestine.

The Galilee DuetTibah Sa’ad, cello/vocals, and Omar Sa’ad, viola/drum –will play classical European and Arabic music, and sing some Arabic folk songs.

Tibah and Omar are members of a Druze family. They grew up in a small village in Galilee, northern Israel. They are on a tour of Scotland to play their music, sing their songs, and tell their audiences about the situation in their homeland.

Please join us in Tibah and Omar’s fundraising on behalf of the
Palestine Youth Orchestra, and for their ongoing studies at the
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

We look forward to welcoming you on 26 June.

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Essay by Neve Gordon, “The ‘New Anti-Semitism'” (January 2018)

Dear All

“The ‘New Anti-Semitism'” by Neve Gordon, published on page 18 of LRB – The London Review of Books, discusses the worrying conflation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. What is even more worrying is that the UK government has adopted this position.

As a small group of people in and near Oban, we of Oban Concern for Palestine advocate HUMAN RIGHTS, and a fair and just peace, FOR ALL.

We reject any form of hatred-mongering and violence against any ethnic group, whoever they may be.

Until the Israeli government fully complies with international treaties and laws, we will continue to argue for, and support, the BDS  movement that calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

Read Neve Gordon’s essay here:


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Join PSC at UK Parliament Lobby Day, Wed 22 Nov 2017

Dear All

This is a message of thanks from PSC – Palestine Solidarity Campaign – and a request to join in the

Lobby Day at Westminster 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017, 12-6pm.

If you can’t be in London on the day, ask your MP to support the Lobby Day.

See below for more details.

PSC March to Parliament on the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, 2 November 2017


PSC message, 10/11/2017, 16:15:

Thank you!

Last weekend fifteen thousand of you joined us in marching to Parliament. Now we need your help to take our message into Parliament itself.

On Wednesday 22nd November we will have a national lobby of Parliament to tell our MPs to take action against Israel’s illegal settlements and abuse of Palestinian children.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! You can get involved in a number of ways to make this lobby day a success:

1) JOIN THE LOBBY DAY: ask for a meeting with your MP here.

Come to London on Wednesday 22nd and meet with your MP to give a message of solidarity with Palestine. If you can’t come to London, you can still help by asking your MP to support the lobby!

All participants will be briefed in advance of our key parliamentary asks and what to expect when meeting their MP. You will also be invited to join the PSC evening event in Parliament (from 18.00 -20.00) where you can hear from experts and politicians about what they are doing for Palestine. Information on the lobby day can be found here.

[end of message]
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Oban’s Apology to the Palestinian people for 100 years of Balfour

OC4P – Oban Concern for Palestine – make a stand of apology to Palestine for 100 years of Balfour-inspired injustice and genocidal human-rights violations:
Oban councillors present and past … and friends travelling through …
… locals …
… older and younger …
… then there was a faint rainbow on the water – let’s take this as a good omen…Read more about the Balfour Declaration here


OC4P are grateful to San Ghanny choir, Edinburgh, for inspiring this peaceful vigil, and for posting our Oban photos on


The Balfour Apology website was set up by San Ghanny choir in Edinburgh upon return from their trip to Palestine in April 2017.

It is a direct response to many conversations with Palestinians about the importance of Balfour and the complicity of our nation.

If you’re based in the UK, please join the online Balfour Apology. If our government won’t apologise, then at least we can.

It’s easy to show solidarity with Palestinians:
• Take a photo of yourself with your apology
• Send the photo to

It matters. It really does matter.
It is a small thing we can do.

Other apologies and more information:

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